At Orah we deliver a complete experience for every client using the very latest techniques and technology. We provide a skin analyzer consultation to scientifically assess your individual skin concerns. We offer a wide range of treatments and packages.

Skin Scan

Skin assessments are a great way of figuring out skin goals and a treatment plan. During this thorough assessment homecare and professional recommendations will be given.

Our OPATRA DOME facial skin analyzer clinically measures the surface and subsurface of the skin using the state-of-the-art digital imagery, using RGB visible light, PL polarized light, and UV spectrum imaging technology, combined with artificial intelligence and image analysis. 

This skin scan assessment is €25 as a stand alone treatment and takes approx 40 minutes.

Skin Scans can be added to any facial (same day appointment for €10) providing adequate time is available.  

Complementary visual skin analysis, carried out by the therapist, is part of all our facials.

Get Started

DMK Hydrating Skin Nutrition Facial

This Hydrating Facial is designed to replenish your skin’s hyaluronic acid reserves and to strengthen its protective barrier to help it retain moisture.

Allow 1 hr | €85

DMK Blackhead Busting Facial 

This skincare treatment flushes away toxins, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria. It aims to normalise cell functioning and sebaceous flow of the skin. This specific preparation of the skin allows for safe blackhead extractions.

Allow 1 hr | €85

DMK Lymphatic Drainage Facial

This tailor made facial can help encourage circulation in the face, which can make the skin appear brighter and reduce puffiness.

Allow 1 hr | €85

DMK Fire & Ice Facial

This deep cleansing Peel exfoliates the skin’s surface while feeding the skin from within. The peel is followed by the use of ice globes to cool the skin. Suitable for dry, congested, oily or dull skin types.

Allow 1 hr | €85

DMK Teenage Facial 

Designed to treat specific needs of a teenage skin. From oiliness & blackheads to dry or sensitive skins this treatment will pay attention to skin concerns, keeping problem skin at bay during the teen years. (Blackhead extractions included) 

Allow 30 mins | €50